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Willkommen bei World at War, der zentralen Anlaufstelle für Liebhaber von Kriegsspielen - vor allem von Steel Panthers, SP:MBT, Combat Mission, War in the Pacific usw. Unter anderem findest Du hier eine detaillierte Rangliste der Spieler einschliesslich ihrer Entwicklungen, Statistiken, Wettkämpfe, Diskussionen, After Action Reports und Artikel (nicht nur über Kriegsspiele, Geschichte und Kriegstechnik).

Wenn Du, so wie wir, Kriegsspiele magst, dann würden wir Dich sehr gerne bei uns begrüssen - benutze dazu einfach den Link Registrieren im Anmeldeformular.

Bei World at war findest Du Artikel, zu Spielen gehörende Foren, Tipps und Taktiken, und Diskussionen über Geschichte und allgemeine Themen. WaW gibt es in mehreren Sprachen und wird noch in andere übersetzt. viele Möglichkeiten und Einstellungen sind vorhanden, einschliesslich einer Auswahl,grafischer Designs (Oberflächen).

Artikel, Foren, Oberfläche
Of course, an important part of WaW is a dynamic player ladder with detailed statistics. Its flexibility constantly provides new challenges to every player and all the time and allows adding new wargames. The ladder and the statistics are supplemented by optional filters.

Kommandantenrangliste und Statistiken
Every player/commander advances in the career ladder, gets higher with every finished battle and obtains new ranks, awards and other prizes for his achievements. Included in the commander's profile are other commanders' comments, career and awards history and other information.

Another integral part of the profile is a list of completed battles and detailed statistics, together with a graph. This way, it is easy to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and your own. Again, the statistics can be further filtered and refined, so that every particular piece of information can be easily found.

Detailierte Statistiken
If you have difficulties with exchanging PBEM files during the game, or you just do not want to seek out the files in your mailbox, you may utilize the PBEM file exchange feature directly through WaW. The ongoing battles can also be instantly documented in the war diary (AAR).

PBEM Datenaustausch
Your in-game screenshots or topic-related pictures can be uploaded to the gallery in your profile. The pictures can be marked as private as well and be directly linked with the continuous war diary records.

Persönliche Gallerie des Kommandanten
In addition to the public forum, the commanders may communicate via private messaging. Everything is linked with an address book, so that you do not have to fill out the recipient's name every time. The contacts in the address book can be organized into groups and marked with comments.

Mitgliedernachrichten und Adressbuch
This everything only represents a small portion of what is offered by World at War. Let's mention e.g. the encyclopedia of units, a fully automated tournament system, interface for opponent seeking, etc. In short, lots of stuff that cannot be found on other wargaming-related sites, making World at War one of the top websites of this genre - and that is not boasting, but a mere fact.

If you want to enjoy all the features named above, there is only one more thing you need to do - to register!



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