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Battle report instructions:
  • Battle results can be added among WaW registered players only.
  • Battle type is inserted from the winner’s perspective, scores are the points from the game’s battle report. For the Operational Art of War, Theatre of War, Campaigns Series, Panzer Campaigns Series, Combat Mission: Shock Force game must be used the results calculator first. Insert the year, location of the battle, eventually the terrain type and weather conditions too, as well as the map size and whether a scenario was used or not.
  • In the 'playing for' box, the countries that the players were fighting for in this particular battle have to be selected.
  • Opponent selection is generated from your address book. If your opponent is not listed, add him to the address book first.
  • It is also possible to report a battle that has not yet been fought to the end and to add the outcome later. In order to make the players’ return rate statistics and the open battlegrounds features work properly, it is necessary to report such a battle instantly upon its start.
  • Battle results by agreement (unfinished battle, total victory before the end of the game etc.) must be properly marked in the 'result' selection. You can use the results calculator as well.
  • Results and battle parameters can be changed afterwards, but not later than one hour after their insertion. Battle result is counted towards the ladder score in one day.
Legend: EPG denotes the expected point gain. It is based on the current players’ positions on the ladder, i.e. without the battles that have not yet been calculated. Consequently, it is possible that the final point gain will be slightly different.

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