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Major Cherninsky faces the German Hordes

Things weren´t well for Major Cherninsky. He had left the hospital where he was recovering from his wounds when he heard that the Germans had broken through the sector. The forces in his command didn´t make him feel much better.
author: Graf von dracula (05/01/2009) / comments: 6

Rise of the beast - German secret armaments (1922-35)

The German military had been the most powerful in Europe. The Prussian officer class which had been the backbone of German military leadership was extremely resentful of the limitations imposed by the Treaty. Among the severe penalties that the treaty imposed on Germany was a comprehensive disarmament regime. Germany was prohibited from weapons such as combat aircraft, tanks, and submarines.
author: Godziemba (03/10/2008) / comments: 3

Fall Weiß, September 1939 - The Second World War Begins

In March of 1939 immediately after the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, Hitler told Colonel General Keitel, chief of the High Command of the Armed Forces and Colonel General von Brauchitsch, commander in chief of the Army, that the time had come to settle the Polish problem by military means. A week later Hitler set forth a strategic outline for an attack on Poland no later than September 1st, 1939.
author: Godziemba (28/07/2008) / comments: 6

CMSF Abu Susah (Propuh vs Buckup)

This time I am playing insurgents, paramilitary troops that have assignement to stop american armed convoy to get through small vilage. My oponent is prvt Buckup, and I can hope that he is begginer in this, so that i could win this.
author: Propuh (24/07/2008) / comments: 10

The history and fate of Hpt Grim (Bubonicus vs KG Grim)

This is a chain of scenarios that I play with my friend Michael aka KG Grim. My first intention was to start some a set of tutorial-scenarios to teach him some aspects of the game at a time. However, we both liked the idea of using this story and progress of the "character", so we continued with the setting. My thought was to try this DAR-option out, it seems like a cool feature - and you can all take part of the total humiliation of me in the hands of a total noob!
author: Bubonicus (09/07/2008) / comments: 19

CMSF Red Desert - first time (Propuh vs Shepard)

My opponent is Shepard, famous polish porucznik, who leads American Stryker infantry, on attack to tiny town in desert on Syrian border. I have to take back his assault with squad of mech infantry. This should be quick battle, because its my first assigment.
author: Propuh (03/07/2008) / comments: 15

International Team League 2007 Round 5 (Drevak vs Paulus)

What follows is the summary of my periodical reports from the ITL game against Punta de Lanza's Paulus. Whose real name, by the way, is Jesus. I decided to get these published as only now did I realize access to the WaW team forum is limited. And a new medal is always welcome. Content edited slightly to make more sense in a single, compact article. Thus the often rude and vulgar remarks aimed at the team's captain Skilgannon at the time of writing are not included.
author: Drevak (21/06/2008) / comments: 8

Frühlingswind I (Iron Mike USMC vs CM ant)

My approach was over a rise overlooking his defenses. At first gloss the approach seemed fairly flat, with just scrub and open ground for about 400 meters. A closer inspection showed a small ravine running from left to right, diagonally from just below the crest to the center of the battleground...
author: Iron Mike USMC (09/06/2008) / comments: 2

Skilgannon meets the Letalian Stallion

In 1943, the Italians have two real strengths: access to some very decent and deadly Italian Folgore units that have high ammo loads, and 9 SMG's per squad. The other is that they have access to the Brixia mortar...
author: [hirr]Leto (26/05/2008) / comments: 18

Guinea's Pig point of view on a Canuck experiment

This will be the diary of the subject of yet another vicious Canuck experiment by no other than the infamous [hirr]Leto himself.... wich makes me the "Guinea Pig".... Time to see if Douglas Adams was right about whos in charge of these experiments, the scientist or the rat.
author: Skilgannon (08/05/2008) / comments: 17

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